SLT Services for Children and Teens

Penny has 20 years experience as a Speech and Language Therapist and now specialises in these two areas only:

1. Speech sounds (unclear speech/pronunciation)
2. Stammering (also known as stuttering).

  • Full assessments available for evaluation of stammering or speech sounds.

  • A detailed assessment with either a written report and advice (for speech sound assessments) or an information session with tailored advice and recommendations (for stammering assessments).


  • Parent/guardian information session for advice and support.
  • Useful for under 3s who may not need a full assessment but may need some support around speech sounds or developmental stammer
  • Don’t Google advice – spend an hour with Penny and receive an information pack based on your child’s own development and your questions

€90 1-hour advice session plus information pack

  • Online telepractice and in-person appointments available
  • Sessions last one hour and include follow-up home activities
  • Clinical specialist in stammering and speech sound development  
  • Fundamentals of play therapy are used so that sessions are fun and confidence-boosting!

€80 per session including home practice activities


  • Includes a language screen to evaluate spoken speech and language skills, along with an evaluation of stammering. Stammering is not measured by ‘how much’ stammering is heard, but by observing the tension/timing changes during moments of stammering, and exploring feelings, attitudes and impact on every day participation.

  • For children’s assessment, parents/guardians are invited to a complimentary Zoom meeting to discuss therapy recommendations and provide an information session on stammering based on your child’s evaluation.


  • Younger children: parent-child interaction therapy, Palin programme, Yaruss & Reeves Stuttering Therapy Resources

  • Older children and teens: The 3Es Therapy model by Luckman & Gore: Education, Ease, Empower

3Es stammer therapy model (Luckman & Gore, 2021)


  • A speech sound assessment will evaluate all speech sound patterns to find out what sounds are present, which sounds are not yet developed and an analysis of any substitution patterns.

  • Speech sounds are evaluated in words and sentence level for a thorough evaluation.

  • A stimulability assessment of sounds not yet present in your child’s speech system will also be completed which is important for setting therapy goals.

  • A written speech sound assessment summary will be sent to you after your appointment along with start-up therapy activities so you can get going on speech work straight away.


  • I have a huge amount of fun therapy materials – apps, Boom card decks, digital games, printable games…your child will have so much fun whilst they learn their speech sounds!
  • After-school, evening and Saturdays available!
  • Book appointments date and times to suit you with the online booking system.
  • Choose telepractice or in-person appointments.
  • Choose the frequency of appointments to suit you.
  • Email Penny for a friendly chat if you have any questions!

Assessments €200