Day 6 of #100daysofwalking and stammer podcasts

What started as a walk ended with an icy dash home as an unexpected thunderstorm and hail shower arrived. My dog hasn’t been outside in hail before and was scared of it, so he needed coaxing home instead of trying to hide under a hedge. Today’s episode was just the tonic I needed while I warmed up again.

Mikaal Sulaiman speaks to Jjjjerome on Black Enson media (Season 1, Ep 3, Sep 2020).

I don’t feel I could ever do the content justice by summarising it, you really need to hear it for yourself.

Jjjjerome shares his thoughts about ‘his stutter’, also ‘the stutter’ and draws analogies with music, spirituality, water and sound. What struck me throughout this podcast was the deep connection and ease evident between Mikaal and Jjjjerome. Have you ever listened to someone say something really beautiful, really poetic and just nodded emphatically as they speak? Mikall gives Jjjjerome time and space to express himself whilst expressing that he resonates with just the right amount for the audio environment to relay. I too found myself nodding and ‘mmm-ing’ as I listened.

Here are some of the parts that I remember most vividly, but really, REALLY, you have to listen first-hand to enjoy the true spirit of this conversation.

  • First, a discussion about how, or if, Jjjjerome would like his moments of stuttering to be edited for the podcast. 
  • Jjjjerome depicts the stutter as a spirit. Whenever it has been edited out, the spirit has been removed.
  • The stuttered voice and non-stuttered voice are equally important and both need to be heard.  
  • Jjjjerome draws an analogy of his stutter ​being like a duet – to edit one part out would be to edit a piece of music by removing one of the parts – it would become a different song. 
  • Honour The Stutter 
  • ‘My Stutter’ and/or ‘The Stutter’
  • A dance with my voice and my stutter
  • A constellation
  • What if it’s not a pathology? What if it is beautiful and musical? [Yes! It IS beautiful and musical and NOT a pathology].

At one moment, Jjjjerome says “I could go on for hours”. Yes, please do!

Jjjjerome’s most recent work is a book and album, “The Clearing” (it’s beautiful, listen to it after this episode).

He explains that he sees his stutter as a clearing – a place to stop and appreciate being there. In his music, he created a clearing where we can pause, gather.

The podcast ended with Jjjerome’s piece “Negritude” from “Live Vol. 3: Hymns and Odes” (2019)

To access “The Clearing” (2021) album, go here: and for the book go here:

So, immerse yourself in this sound bath of musical analogy, honouring Your/Our/The stutter and enjoy the simple delight of an authentic connection and conversation between friends.