Day 1 of #100daysofwalking and stammer podcasts

I decided to take part in Newstalk FM annual #100daysofwalking challenge this year. As I walk, I plan to listen to a different stammer-related podcast during each of my walks. I am going to keep a little diary of the episodes I listened to along with the thoughts, reflections, learning and ideas that come to mind as I listen to them. I have a very active mind that lights up with new ideas but it is hard to keep track of them! This diary is for me to read through so that I can remember what I thought about each podcast episode as well as any ideas and inspiration that transpired. I have never written a blog before so it seemed like a fun way to combine my diary with my first blog series.

To kick off day 1, I chose to listen to Daniele Rossi’s latest episode #260 from his podcast called ‘Stuttering is Cool’. You may know Daniele by his cartoon character, a fox who stutters, called Franky Banky.

In this episode, Daniele reflects on 2021 while he walks around his neighbourhood. Daniele lives in Canada so I had a sneak peek into the background sounds of a Canadian Winter – the crack of ice, the crunch of snow, greetings from passers-by along with birds, dogs, ducks and even a laughing goose!

This episode is a monologue which felt like I was out walking and listening to a friend chatting. It was warm, informal, conversational and personable. Daniele talked about his recent work on his new book. He already has a book called “Stuttering is Cool: A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World”.

Daniele paid a lovely tribute to Lynne Mackie, who very sadly passed away recently. I had not met Lynn myself but I have watched her videos and had many read articles she had written for STAMMA. She had been an enthusiastic advocate for stammering and many people spoke of her energy, kindness and positivity. Daniele remembers her contribution to his Franky Banky ‘The King’s Speech’ Parody. Lynne voiced Queen Elizabeth. Lynne was involved with many different stammering communities, including the Scottish Stammering Network, STAMMA and Stamily. Daniele talks about Stamily and how the group came together to remember Lynne and to support each other as members learnt the devastating news of her passing. The Scottish Stammering Network, STAMMA and Stamily came together to honour Lynne’s memory and set up a fund to support young people who stammer in the world of arts and theatre. You can read more about STAMMA’s memorial page, Stamily’s memories of Lynn and details of the memorial fundraiser.

This episode gave me pause for thought and showed the kindness and comradery within the stammering community, both near and far. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of going out for a walk in Canada as it is somewhere I would like to visit. Daniele talked about using comic strips with kids to draw their stammer or express experiences with stammering. I like this idea and resolved to learn about comic strips and how I could use them in my SLT sessions.