Full Speech and Language           Assessment – €200       

      includes a start-up home programme.            Appointment Time 1.5-2 hours

Speech and Language       Therapy Session – €70       

          includes homework activities.                      Appointment Time 1 hour

       Detailed Speech and                Language Report – €100       

     includes a start-up home programme.            Appointment Time 1.5-2 hours

Full details of services below:

Full Speech and Language Assessment – €200                           

PLUS a start-up home therapy programme.  Appointment Time 1.5-2 hours

Your assessment appointment rate includes preparation and planning time to prepare tests and activities based on the concerns you described. Your appointment will last 1.5-2 hours to carry out the assessment, analyse the results, and then discuss my opinion and recommendations. I keep detailed records and these are completed after your appointment time.  If therapy is recommended for you or your child, I will give you advice and therapy activities for you to get started with straight away. You will not leave your assessment appointment empty-handed – you will have advice, recommendations and activities  to work on as soon as you get home.  

    Speech and Language Therapy Session – €70           

1 hour of direct therapy with you/your child followed by additional time to discuss                    progress with parents/caregivers and to provide homework goals and activities. 

Appointments are usually fortnightly – I find this gives you and your child more time to learn new skills and make progress, so that you can use your appointment with me to learn new skills and move forwards. Some children may benefit from weekly appointments if they are making rapid progress. I also see some families on a monthly basis, if they have work commitments or a lengthy commute to the clinics.  

Your appointment rate includes:

  • 1-hour individual Speech and Language Therapy session. This is usually 50-60 minutes of direct work with you/your child followed by additional time at the end to discuss the session and arrange homework  activities.
  • Pre-prepared activities and materials based on your/your child’s therapy goals and personal interests/favourites.
  • Ongoing feedback and evaluation of your child’s progress.
  • Administration of detailed clinic notes and record-keeping in line with professional guidelines

      Detailed Written Report – €100          

I can provide a detailed report following an initial assessment or a review assessment. I can also give a home or school programme – the cost is approximately the same rate as a written report but will depend on the amount of work required to create the programme. This will be fully discussed and agreed with you.

Useful Information

  • Payments can be made in cash or by debit or credit card using a SumUp card reader.
  • Receipts will be given for each session, listing my CORU registration and Business registration numbers. 
  • You may be eligible for cover from your private health insurer and a 20% tax rebate with an end-of-year Med 1 form. 
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