penny farrell speech and language therapist
Penny at Lanesborough Library


I am a qualified and CORU-certified Speech and Language Therapist. I qualified in 2002 still absolutely love my work, bringing bundles of enthusiasm to all I do! I am really positive and encouraging person. I value building confidence and self-esteem as well as effective therapy techniques….whilst having lots of fun too!


My values

  • An enthusiastic advocate for social model of disability:
  • Stammer ally 
  • Actively listen to the lived experiences of the communities I work with
  • Neurodiversity affirmative


My recent learning and study experiences:



  • Collobarated on creation of a new web page about Stammering Pride for Irish Stammering Association (ISAD 2021)
  • Neurodiversity affirmative paradigm for professionals (Psychology Society of Ireland)
  • Principles of play therapy with adolescents (Edel Lawlor, Children’s Therapy Centre)
  • Webinar: Utilizing Fun Websites to Facilitate Functional Conversation with School-Aged Children Who Stutter (Dr Eric Raj)
  • Webinar: How To Evaluate the TOP and BOTTOM of the Stuttering Iceberg
  • Webinar: Utilizing Fun Websites with School-aged Children Who Stutter (Schneider Speech)
  • Webinar: Humanistic Counselling for Clients Who Stutter
  • Webinar: Armoring Children for the Slings and Arrows of Stuttering (Eileen Kelly, Stuttering Foundation)
  • Working with Parents of Children Who Stutter: Supporting Change Using SFBT (Ali Burquez, Stuttering Foundation)
  • Helping School-Age Children Who Stutter Evolve Communicative Competence (Kristin Chmela, Stuttering Foundation)
  • Implementing Cognitive Behavior Therapy with School-Age Children who Stutter (Lisa Scott, Stuttering Foundation)
  • Stuttering Well: A Conversation About the Self-Management of Stuttering (Christopher Constantino, Stuttering Foundation)
  • Emotional Regulation in Children Who Stutter (Kurt Eggers, Stuttering Foundation)
  • The Clinical Utility of Self-Disclosure and Voluntary Stuttering (Courtney Byrd, Stuttering Foundation)
  • Covert Stuttering: Transitioning from Covert to Overt (Vivian Sisskin, Stuttering Foundation)
  • Valuing Neurodiversity in SLT Practice (Autism SIG with Access Communication CIC)
  • Stammering Plus – when children who stammer also have ASD (Palin Centre for Stammering)
  • Fluency and Autism Spectrum Disorders-Understanding and managing the complexity’ (Kathleen Scaler-Scott, National UK Dysfluency CEN)
  • Presented at IASLT Stammering CPD day: “A Journey in Allyship with Stammering and the Social Model” (Penny Farrell with Edel O’Dea who spoke about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • Stammering: activist conversations continued (Sam Simpson and Patrick Campbell, City Lit)


  • Parent Coaching via Telepractice (IASLT)
  • Using Bitmoji Virtual Classrooms in SLT (IASLT)
  • Practical Teletherapy for Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT)
  • Working with Students using Telepractice (IASLT)
  • SLP Telecon: Telepractice series
  • Making Confident Decisions When Treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Difference not defect: stammering activism, empowerment and pride: a course for people who stammer and speech and language therapists (Sam Simpson and Patrick Campbell, City Lit)
  • Various podcasts such as StutterTalk, SLPNow and The Other Side of the Spectrum.

My clinic spaces

  • My clinic is based in my home and I also work online.
  • I have a green screen station and invested in equipment and digital therapy materials for online therapy sessions.
  • My in-person therapy space is in my sunroom. It is bright and airy, with open windows to provide ventilation. I follow the relevant Covid safety guidelines: ventialtion, use of Covid declaration forms,  adults wear a mask and are socially distanced from me. I have a special cotton mask with a clear panel so speech work is not impacted by an opaque mask.
  • I have lots of games, art and crafts to keep us happily occupied while we work! 
  • I provide a really personal service, and will go to great efforts to include special interests into therapy activities. I have made activities with everything from Peppa, Paw Patrol and Pokemon to Jurassic Park, Minecraft and chess! It’s important that the young people I see are engaged and excited to be working with me because learning becomes a joy for everyone. 
  •  I work with adults and will work with you to meet your best hopes for therapy and the goals you wish to achieve.

Fun stuff about me!

  • I love to bake (cakes!) and hang out with my family. We have a dog, three cats and twelve rescue hens. I am trying to learn how to garden/grow vegetables. I love swimming, reading and daydreaming 🙂