Welcome to Speech Express

Providing professional private Speech and Language Therapy in a homely setting from Lanesborough (close to Longford, Roscommon and the Midlands)

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I am a friendly, warm and dedicated Speech and Language Therapist. I set up my private clinic from home so that I could provide a comfortable, relaxing environment for parents, children and teenagers to visit.

I chose to leave the public service and work privately so that I could provide a service close to my values. I am proud to be able to give a detailed and personalised service to my clients and their families. I offer bespoke sessions which are tailored to you or your child’s needs and their particular interests.

 Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am until 7pm and on Wednesdays from 2pm until 6pm. 

I qualified in 2002 and have developed a wide range of experiences. I work in the following areas, which ensures I can keep up-to-date with research, advancements and resources.

~ Children, teenagers and adults who stammer/stutter. ~ Toddlers and young children who are late talkers.
~ Children/teenagers with speech sound difficulties.
~ Children/teenagers with developmental language difficulties                                                                                      ~ Children/teenagers/adults with reading/writing/literacy difficulties                                                                            ~ Children/teenagers with cranio-myofacial anomalies including cleft lip/palate and Pierre Robin sequence                        ~ Children/teenagers/adults with deafness and/or Cochlear Implant users